Chemistry and interface tailored lead-free
relaxor thin films for energy storage
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Florian Mayer

­­­Florian Mayer is a PhD student in the Functional Materials group of Dr. Marco Deluca at the Materials Center Leoben. He studied Technical Physics at the University of Technology Graz, where he received his master’s degree with distinction. In his Bachelor thesis, he concepted and realized experimental set-ups to measure the mean lifetime of muons. For his master’s degree, he developed different theoretical approaches to estimate the electronic coupling in organic semiconductors. In the CITRES project, Florian works on Monte Carlo simulations to study structure to property relationships in doped barium titanate. Furthermore, he uses a stroboscopic Raman spectroscopy method to investigate the influence of external electric fields on lattice vibrations.

His research interests are theoretical solid-state physics, parallel coding for the implementation of algorithms (Python, Fortran and C++), computer supported measurement techniques and the development of theoretical concepts.

In his free time, Florian is a passionate skier and likes to explore the mountains in Austria.